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Testimonials from some of our valued clients


We learned about the Cat's Pajamas in the best way...by referral of another of her customers.  On her first visit, Beth asks lots of questions to find out your likes and dislikes along with those of your cats'.  Sure, they have dry food, water, two sandboxes and big-screen TV (we call it a window) but, it is very reassuring to know our three "cat-kids" are being kindly looked after while we travel.  Beth and her associates do more than just look in on and feed them.  They will check on the house, bring in mail and papers and do the things that should be done while owners are away.  More importantly, they donít just come and go but, actually spend time with them.  Sure, cats SEEM totally independent but, "CPJís" give them the human contact loving owners know cats REALLY desire.  Brushing, playing a bit and providing a detailed daily diary of their visits.  If you love your animals, you will love the care provided by The Catís Pajamas!

J.R. and Joanne, Boothwyn, PA

Thanks for taking such great care of Maestro while we were away.  It's a huge relief knowing that Maestro is in your loving hands when we can't be here.

Kara and Jennifer , Wilmington, DE

Thank you for your loving care of J.R.  I was very comforted knowing I could stay with my daughter as long as she needed me because J.R. had you.

Blessings, Bobbie, Wilmington, DE

Thank sor all the TLC for our boys as always.  I never gave them a thought as I knew they were in loving hands.

Susan, Wilmington, DE

The kids said you were wonderful.  Thanks for caring so much!

Tom and Susan, Wilmington, DE