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Meet the Owner - Beth Allen


  • BS Education, University of Delaware, 1979
  • Has owned businesses in Delaware since 1980
  • Stared "Andy's Friends," a no kill cat rescue group in 2009
  • Enjoys reading, crafts, flea marketing, traveling
  • Has a passion for Cats!

A sign stating "This home is maintained for the sole purpose of care and comfort of the cat" is displayed prominently near Beth Allen's desk.  This expresses the very heart of The Cat's Pajamas Pet Sitting Service.  The more than 15 year old business has grown by pounces and purrs due to her dedication, love and willingness to go the extra mile for kitty clients and their human guardians.

"My clients know that nothing is too much trouble when it comes to providing service for their cats.  The single most important job that I do is to develop a relationship with my kitty friends so I know their unique mannerisms just as well as their guardians.  I compile as much information as possible to allow me to make the best decisions about their care."  The road has been a long one and Beth has had a multitude of experiences that have lead her to become an accomplished pet care professional.

After graduating from the University of Delaware in 1979, Beth taught social studies in the Delaware Public school system.  An entrepreneur at heart, she decided to go into business and purchased a hair salon in the Wilmington area.  Within 5 years her staff had grown from twelve to thirty six employees and she had tripled her gross income.  Her attention to customer service and business savvy earned her stellar success.

She sold her salon in 1995 and decided to venture into a helping profession.  Her training and background qualified her for a position as an addictions counselor.  She enjoyed working with adolescents and adults with substance abuse and mental health issues.  Her career was successful but short; there was something else pulling at her heart strings.

Always an animal lover Beth experienced guilt while dropping her pets for boarding as she headed out for vacation.  They became anxious, sick and frightened and had no way of knowing that she would be back to pick them up.  Although they received adequate care, they were caged in unfamiliar surroundings and she knew they were sad and scared.  "Many times my vacations were ruined because I worried so much about my pets."  The business was born from necessity and love.  She decided to open her pet sitting service in North Wilmington and provide individual, hands on care for cats in their homes.  The rest is history.

Today The Cat's Pajamas services over 400 kitty clients.  "I know every kitty friend by heart.  I know their names, feeding routine, their likes and dislikes, who wants to play and who prefers to nap.  I know all the secret hiding places and all the special ear and neck spots they like scratched.  I know who the escape artists are and which kitty will be first on my lap.  Most of all I know what they need in order to care for them exactly as they are cared for by their human.  I want to be their guardian angel until their moms and dads return."

When not visiting kitty clients, you can find Beth in her office surrounded by her 10 cats.  There are cat trees, scratch pads, multiple food bowls and lots of treats.  "I'm the happiest I've ever been in my entire life.  I have a business dedicated to those I love.  I couldn't ask for more; I am truly blessed."