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Advantages of Our Services

Advantages for Kitty!

Advantages for You!

  • No stress.  Kitty remains home in a secure environment with familiar sights, sounds and cozy places.

  • There is no interruption of routine or diet.

  • No travel trauma.  Travel in a vehicle to a boarding facility may upset kitty.  Also kitty is not confined, or forced to share "community areas" with strangers.

  • Health concerns.  With a pet sitter there is minimal exposure to illness from other animals.

  • Most importantly, kitty receives love and personal attention in your absence.

  • In-home pet sitting is cost effective for you!

  • You will not be inconvenienced or upset by transporting kitty.

  • You have met and interviewed the person who will be caring for your pet.

  • No more payment for extra days because kitty was not picked up "on time" or because the facility was closed.

  • You won't impose on friends, family or neighbors.  You can rely on a pet care professional that will put your pet's needs first.

  • Regular visits can provide crime deterrent to your home.

  • Providing kitty with personalized attention provides peace of mind while you're away.

  • Kitty is there to welcome you home!